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Free heck to increase your instagram engagement

Here are 6 Reasons Why Instagram is Really Important For Your Businesses tips

In this article, You will Learn About Instagram business tips, How you can increase Engagement rate. How to Engage the audience and all stuff


1) Instagramers love story tellers

According to Google, 60% of millennials watch Instagram stories. People Want to see the Truth. BTS (Behind the scene) is the best way to engage your audience.

500 million Instagram accounts use Instagram Stories every day, and this number will increase in 2020

Number of daily active Instagram Stories users from October 2016 to January 2019


daily instagram user
2) Focus on visual-based Content

Visual posts producing 650% higher engagement than text-only posts. One of the best Examples we mentioned below from Spiffycakes and Katherine Sabbath By showing Your Skills on Instagram You allows your audience to discover your Services, Products, BTS, Real Story. This will Increase Your Engagement Rate.

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A cheeky lil’ taro bubble tea cup this was! 😜 #buttercreamcake

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As You Can Clearly See Katherine Sabbath have Mentioned hashtags, Tags, Caption ( Not just a Simple Caption But Creative One! )


3) You Can’t Avoid Hashtags

It’s So Simple just type your brand related hashtags on the search section. in the browser, you can find it in the center of the screen. and on mobile, you can find it after the Home button.

If you need ideas for related accounts/niches to target, look at the ‘hashtags’ that are being used on the posts, related to your original keyword.

hashtags in instagram

4) Don’t Avoid Any Single Comment

Here is the Perfect Example of Reply Every Single Comment From Digital Pratik

Solve Their Queries appreciate their comments

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🥳 That’s how you deal with negativity ❤️🙋‍♂️

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This Will Increase Trust in the minds of the audience.

You Reply Everyone and it might be possible that one of your Audience Convert into Your Client. it’s important to maintain Good relation With Audience

These Instagram business tips help you to Set Brand Profile


5) Follow unique Pattern For Your Brand

This Instagram business tips can Grow your business profile

This can make Unique Impression In front of your audience. This a great example of how you can showcase a consistent branding style.

The style of your images, the captions you use, and the frequency with which you post content all contribute to your brand.

If you can develop a unique Pattern for your profile, and if you’re consistent with that style, Believe me, it becomes easier to generate brand awareness – especially if and when your content is shared.


6) Organize Contests

The Best way to Increase Traffic & Right Audience is to Run Contests Or Give Giveaways. this way you can increase Engagement in your Business Profile

62% of people say they have become more interested in a brand or product after seeing it in Stories

Instagram Stories poll stickers are a great tool for businesses to crowdsource ideas, collect product feedback, or find out what content your audience wants to see more of.


When using polls in your Instagram marketing strategy, it’s important to not only ask the right questions, but also let your audience know you’re listening. Once your Instagram Stories poll is complete (after 24 hours), don’t forget to share the results!


Hopefully, this gives you all the inspiration you need to start using Instagram Stories polls in your own stories!

Whether you’re looking for input from your customers or simply want to start a conversation, Instagram Stories polls are a great tool to start engaging with your audience!

Did we miss anything? How do you plan to use Instagram Stories polls to engage with your audience? Let us know in the comments below!

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